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Our comprehensive warranty is a testimonial to our dedication to remanufacturing engines to the highest level of quality control. Our incidences of warranty recalls are among the lowest in the industry. You can be assured that our products are built to exacting OEM specifications, and are comprehensively backed by our dedicated and knowledgeable service staff. The majority of our new customers have been referred to us by our existing clientele. We welcome the opportunity of demonstrating our custom remanufacturing capability in your application.



T.A.M. warrants each remanufactured engine to be free from defects in workmanship and original materials for the period of 18 months or fifteen hundred hours (1,500 hrs) , which ever comes first, from the date of purchase. Head gasket failures due to engine over heating or detonation is not covered under this warranty. Warranty on new parts shall be limited to that supplied by the manufacturer of those new parts. Warranty shall be considered effective from the date of shipment from T.A.M., and thereby assumed installed. If the unit is placed in stock we must be informed of this. When the unit is placed into service, we must also be informed. The hour meter must be in place and in operating condition. This warranty is limited to failures which, upon examination, are found to be due to defects in workmanship and/or materials. Upon written notification of a claim being approved, T.A.M. will pay only for parts and labour needed to repair engine damage directly resulting from defects as stated above. Costs will be limited to those required to restore the engine to the functional condition existing immediately prior to the failure. Labour costs will be limited to flat rate time at $45.00 per hour. All payments made for warranties accepted under this policy shall be in the form of a credit note, to be applied against future purchases from the company. At no time will this labour cost exceed the original invoiced amount of the rebuild. Engine must be properly maintained including regular oil changes and intake filters. For warranty claims after 30 days from installation, service records must be provided that included installation and maintenance records. If T.A.M. is asked to participate in a labour reimbursement warranty claim, we reserve the right to bring the engine tour remanufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario for inspection and investigation for cause of failure. Some circumstances will require an oil sample analysis be performed as an aid in determining cause for failure. This warranty is limited to replacing any parts returned to T.A.M. and which upon examination are found to be defective. Also, during the warranty period, T.A.M. will pay the cost reasonable labour (not to exceed $600.00) unless preapproved by T.A.M. T.A.M. must authorize any warranty claim prior to beginning work. Disassembly of engine without approval from T.A.M. will void the warranty. Any block, crankshaft or other castings which are rebuilt or welded by outside contractors shall not be covered by this policy, and will be limited to the outside contractors warranty. Customer approval will be requested for all outside work not under warranty by T.A.M. This warranty shall be voided under the following conditions: abuse or misuse, accident or collision, modification or alteration, negligence or operation under abnormal conditions. This warranty shall not apply if the motor has been improperly installed, damaged due to a lack of oil, overheated, presence of dirt, corrosion, or the failure of any components not supplied by our company and over which we have no control. Warranty is void if heat tab is melted or removed. This warranty shall not include: rental costs for replacement unit, towing costs, downtime or other out-of-pocket expenses, oils, filters, gaskets, belts or other shop supplies used. The remedies set forth in this warranty are exclusive unless otherwise specified by a manufacturer.



To avoid any potential warranty problems, please ensure the following installation Procedures are completed. Send out radiator for cleaning and flow check. Replace as necessary. Install new or rebuilt water pump and thermostat. Replace any worn belts and hoses. Clean all air intake components and check for damage. Install new tune-up parts. Set distributor timing to manufacturer's specifications using a timing light. Ensure the vacuum advance on the distributor is functioning correctly. Ensure all air is purged from the cooling system. Change engine oil and filter after 100 hours. Do not use synthetic oil. Retorque cylinder head after 100 hours (if easily accessible).



Workmanship and materials are guaranteed on individual machine shop operations and Partial assemblies. Performance on this type of job depends on correct assembly, servicing and operation of the complete unit. Only a qualified mechanic should make the assembly and bring to our attention any possible defects in our workmanship at the time of assembly. In the case of failure, our company will pay no labor.



The guarantee is limited to the refunding of the amount billed for the repair only.



Any block, crankshaft or other castings, which are rebuilt or welded by outside contractor, shall not be covered by this policy, and will be limited to the outside contractor's warranty. Customer approval will be requested for all outside work not under warranty by T.A.M. Any item remanufactured or machined by T.A.M. is guaranteed to be to original tolerances and finishes within limits of industry standards. As we have no control over material strength, we therefore accept no responsibility and assume no liability and give no warranty hatsoever, express or implied as to the strength of the material of the items received by us



All returns require approval before shipment. All parts must be shipped prepaid and enclose a copy of the original invoice or packing slip. All parts must be clean, unused and in saleable condition. A fifteen percent (%15) restocking charge will be applied on all parts returned, unless otherwise agreed upon. No credit for any return shipping charges will be allowed. Unauthorized or rejected merchandise will be held for thirty (30) days after notification. Upon request, they will be returned to the customer, freight collect.